Teaching and Research

Refree/Reviewer of the Journals

  1. Annals of fuzzy Mathematics and Informatics (AFMI), South Korea
  2. Kathmandu University Journal of Science and Technology (KUSET) a publication of Kathmandu University, Dhulikhel, Kavre, Nepal.
  3. The Nepali Mathematical Sciences Report, a Journal of Central Department of Mathematics:
  4. Journal of Institute of Science and Technology (JIST)..TU
  5. Journal of Nepal Academy of Science and Technology. Nepal
  6. Tribhuvan University Journal TU
  7. Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences, TU.
  8. Smart Vision Journal of Mathematics and Statistics Birgunj, Nepal
  9. Himalayan Scientific Journal, Pokhara., Nepal.
  10.  Maejo International Journal of Science and Technology, Taiwan.
  11. Research Journal of Mahindra Multiple Campus, Ilam

M.Phil. Evaluation

  • A Study on Some Fixed Point Theorems in Fuzzy Metric Space (Kanchha Bhai Manandhar Batch 2008), Kathmandu University. Capacity: External Examiner
  • A study on Imbedding of Classical Sequences in Banach space (Ravi Shankar Kumar Singh, Batch-2006), Kathmandu University. Capacity: External Examiner
  • A Study on Meir-Keeler type fixed point theorem and its generalization (Dinesh Panthi Batch 2005), Kathmandu University. Capacity: External Examiner
  • Mathematical Model of HIV Epidemic in Farwestern Nepal due To Seasonal Male Labour Migration to India, Anup Tuladhar, Kathmandu University. Capacity: External Examinier
  • Deterministic And stochastic Holling-Tanner Prey-Predator Models, Bharat Bahadur Thapa, Kathmandu University. Capacity: External Examinier

Ph.D Thesis Evaluation

Title: some fixed point results in Intuitionistic fuzzy Metric Space.
Student: Shams-Ur-Rahman (Pakistan), Kathmandu University, Kavre, Dhulikhel. Capacity: External Examiner

Title: some Results in Graph Theory, Department of Mathematics, Mother Teresa women’s University, Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu, India. Capacity: External Examiner

Title: A study of Group actions with B-open sets, Department of Mathematics, Thiruvalluvar University Fort Campus, Vellore, India. Capacity: External Examiner

Title: Selected Psychological Problems of Women’s students at Undergraduate course in colleges, Department of Mathematics, Mother Teresa Women’s University, Kodaikanal, Tamilnadu, India. Capacity: External Examiner

Title: Matrix Transformation between Sequence and their Practical Applications (Vinod Parajuli) Department of Engineering Science and Humanities, Institute of Engineering (IOE), Tribhuvan University. (Internal Examiner)

Title: A study on Mathematical research papers of Naya Raj Pant ( Eka ratna Acharya, Central Department of Mathematics Education, TU ), Nepal Sanskrit University( External Examiner )

Title:  Some Fixed Point Results in Fuzzy Metric Space (Kancha Bhai Manandhar, Kathmandu University), (External Examiner)

Title: The Development of Numeral system of Ancient Nepal (Neelam Subedi, Janamaitri Campus, Tribhuvan University, (External Examiner)

Mini-Research Evaluation

  1. Law of exponential changes and LPP approach, Research division, Rectors Office, TU (Ramesh Chandra Timsina). 
  2. Analytical analysis of Nepalese history of Nepal, Research Division, Rectors Office, TU (Eka Ratna Acharya).2013.
  3. Bessel’s function for temperature distribution in cylindrical human body, Research Division, Rector Office, TU (Kabita Luitel).2013.
  4. A study on the problems faced by mathematics teacher of primary level, Research Division, Rector Office, TU.( Nand Kishore Singh), 2013.
  5. A Study on microbial population model, Research Division, TU. (Ramesh Chandra Timsina), 2013.
  6. The Analysis of Cultural Mathematics in rural areas of Nepal, Research Division, TU. (Bam Dev Jha), 2014.
  7. A Study of summability methods applied by Leonhard Euler in his work on infinite series ,Research Division, TU. (Archana Neupane Timsina), 2016.
  8. A Study on Laplace Transform, Research Division, (Chhabi Lal Bhusal), TU, 2014.
  9. A mini-research on “Guided discovery method on Geometry teaching at School level”. Research Division,(Yogendra Shah ),2015
  10. A mini-research proposal on causes of failure in Mathematics, Research Division, TU.2015 ( Sher Singh Raikhola )
  11.  Chemostat Model Analysis for Growth of Three Different Microorganism in Limiting Substrate (Ramesh Chandra Timsina), 2016.
  12. A mini-research report submitted to the Research Division entitled on “Development of Contraction Principle in Metric Space with Some Applications” , 2016( Pawan Kumar Jha )
  13. A mini-research proposal submitted to the Research Division entitled on “ A Study on the Fixed Point results in Dislocated metric space “ 2016.

Ph.D Proposal Evaluation

  1. Some novel aspect of two phase debris flows : Dynamics, flow-obstacles-interaction, phase diffusion and localization ( UGC, Parmeswori Kattel )
  2. Research proposal on “ A study of Mathematical models for Air Pollution “ ( UGC, Buddhi Sagar Bhandari )
  3. Historical development of fixed point in semi metric space and it’s relation with Vedanta ( Research Division, Nepal Sanskrit University, Pawan Kumar Jha )
  4. Analytical Study of Mathematics in Vedic Tradition ( Research Division, Nepal Sanskrit University, Ananta Acharya )
  5. Mathematical study of some Queuing Models with their Applications in Mahabharata and Ramayana ( Research Division, Nepal Sanskrit University, Ananda Panta )
  6. A study in contributions of Nepalese Mathematicians (Research Division, Nepal Sanskrit University, Sher Singh Raikhola).
  7. A Study in Fixed Point Results of Generalized Metric Space and Relations of Fixed Point Theory with Yoga ( Research division, Kumar Subedi )
  8. A Study on Certain Relations Among Sequences, Sequence Spaces, Metrices and Vedic Mathematical Applications ( Research Division, Nepal Sanskrit University, Suresh Ray )
  9. Multistate modeling of Two-phase mass flows (UGC, Puskar Raj Pokharel)