Research Experiences

Ph.D. Supervision

Name of the student : Mr. Jivandhar Jnawali
Title: Newton Type Iterative Methods for Solving Nonlinear Equations
Address: Ratnarajya Laxmi Campus, Kathmandu
Status: Degree Awarded

Name of the Student: Mr. Pitambar Tiwari
Title: Dynamics of Nonlinear models and Chaos (Proposed)
Address: Bhairahawa multiple Campus, Bhirahawa
Status: Registration Process

Name of the Student: Mr. Rajendra Pant
Title: Higher Order Newton-Type Iterative Methods and Their Dynamics
Address: Far western University Campus, FWU, Mahendranagar
Status: Registration Process

M.Phil. Thesis Supervision

Name of the Student: Mrs. Anjana Pokharel
Title: A Study on Algebraic Properties of Toeplitz Operator
Address: Padmakanya Multiple Campus, Bag bazar
Status: Completed

Name of the Student: Ram Krishna Lamichhane
Title: A study of uncertainty principle on locally compact groups,
Address: Kathmandu University
Status: Completed

Name of the Student: Mr. Raghubir Bhatta
Title: Effectiveness of teaching Higher Secondary School Mathematics with and without the use of constructivism.
Address: Aishwarya Multiple Campus, Dhangadhi, Kailali
Status: Completed

Master Thesis Supervision

  1. A study on Toeplitz operator, (Sundar Tamang, Sept 2012)
  2. A study of some classical operators in Banach space (Shreedhar Pandit, Sept 2012)
  3. A study of Sobolev space and it’s interrelationship with other classical spaces (Uday Kumar Karna, Sept 2012)
  4. The division algorithm and its applications (Harish Chandra Bhandari, July 2012)
  5. Study of Qualitative uncertainty principle in some groups and their extensions (Sarad Mani Pokhrel, 2011)
  6. Study on Generalized space of Lebesgue type (Gunakhar Ghimire, 2011)
  7. The characterization of weak almost periodic functions (Jiban Singh Limbu, 2011)  
  8. Study of uniform version of wieners Tauberian Theorem (Chakra Bist, 2010)
  9. Hardy uncertainty principle on locally compact Groups (Ram Prasad Subedi, 2010)
  10. Study on General Tauberian Theorem (Bimal Aryal, 2010)
  11. Study of Hardy Uncertainty Principle (Guru Rijal, 2010)
  12. Study of inequalities, ( Subhash Jha, 2009)
  13. Study of some classical spaces in functional Analysis (Bhumeshwor Gaire, 2009)
  14. A study of Hankel transform (Youb Raj Gaire, 2009)
  15. Study of some problems in measure and Integration (Now Raj Tiwari,2009)